Meta 3D Avatars

AR 3D Studio, a Metaverse 3D Avatar Company, believes in quality! We are aware that the customers seek efficiency and quality. So, we are mostly focused on developing services and tools that can improve the 3D models and also maintain the original design. Our integrity in designing approach can help us create some of the quality models that can get its best use in the AR.

The integrated technology in creating makes it seamless for users to easily convert them into your desirable data formats like .ply, .stl, .wrl, and .obj into compatible formats with milling application and 3D visualizations. With some of the best professionals in our team, we make sure that the 3D artists will be able to model in the best way to offer maximum detail.

It is mostly advisable to use the file optimizer to make sure that the 3D model gets ready for 3D printing. Our file optimizer can effectively eradicate overlapping and geometry while improving the mesh, polygon, color and texture of the design to create models that can improve print quality and reduce post processing.

With the best technology and the top professionals, we are a growing partner for Meta 3D Avatars Outsourcing in India. we make sure that your design is well presented so that you get proud of your designs. We work with you to improve and make dreams possible with advanced technology.


Personalize your Avatars

We create the Meta 3D Avatars and keep room for customization to give you the opportunity of personalizing and customizing them as per your needs.


Make you meta ready

In the world of virtual reality, there is a need for being meta ready. With the best professionals, we make you get meta ready.


Easy Integration

We create the Meta 3D avatars in a manner that becomes easy to integrate in any type of VR environments. This way we make sure to offer a seamless experience.